Our Data & Impact on Our Availability

Couples Therapy Effectiveness 200

On June 1, 2015 we became the first private psychotherapy clinic in Minnesota to publish our overall effectiveness rates.  Since then we have been fortunate to have an unprecedented surge of clients.  Which has resulted in our therapists being very busy.  If you’re in need of counseling please understand:

  • We want to get you in as soon as possible – but we cannot sacrifice the quality of our services to get you in quickly.  We are committed to effective couples therapy – and a critical part of this mission is being able to see you on a regular basis.
  • For couples counseling there may be a delay in getting in depending on your particular needs & availability (evenings and weekends tend to be very popular).  For individual and children and adolescent counseling the wait tends to be less.
  • If getting in urgently is critical – please consider Intensive Couples Counseling.

Thank you so much for your understanding.  To contact us please visit our Request Appointment Page.