Individual Therapists

  • Hailey Sonstegard, MA
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Children & Adolescents, Premarital Counseling

    Hailey is just the kind of person that you want on your side if you’re dealing with relationship challenges. She’s fantastic for individuals that want to sort things out, premarital couples that want to set themselves up for success, and couples who have been in a rut for a long time and need a jump-start.

    There’s something we can’t quite put our finger on about Hailey.  We’re not sure if it’s her simple and refreshing straightforwardness, or the way that we come away feeling both accepted as we are and motivated to be better.  Whatever that thing is – it’s lead to Hailey being very popular among the clients at RTC as she uses this gift to transform difficult situations into opportunities for intimacy. Her clients summarize her as “empathic, humorous, and kind”.  We were initially deceived by Hailey’s youthful appearance, but after mere minutes with her, we realized that we need not be concerned: she has the passion, vision, and wisdom of our most advanced clinicians. 

    Hailey wants to make sure that her clients’ therapy experience is uniquely tailored to fit their busy lives, and so she is available to see clients in the evenings.

  • Nathan Miller, MA, CRC
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues

    Nathan has the unique ability to understand his clients and their relationships at a level we rarely encounter.  Somehow, he’s able to distill the most complex entanglements into language that is clear and relatable.  But Nathan is never satisfied with mere understanding – he knows that therapy is only valuable when relationships are transformed and his clients are actually living the lives they have always hoped for. Nathan’s toolbox for getting his clients into action is impressive and constantly evolving.  When Nathan sees one of his clients stuck, he will go to the ends of the earth to find that one thing that will transform their world and their relationship.  He refuses to accept anything less and in so doing, inspires us to do things we thought were impossible. 

    Nathan loves helping his clients find their voice.  This focus is why he is passionate about working with those who have felt silenced and marginalized, particularly those with disabilities and with members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

  • Kristi Murchie, MA
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Adolescents

    In the history of RTC there’s no one that we’ve ever pursued with the tenacity and vigor as we’ve pursued Kristi.  We’ve never had a therapist who left us speechless from our first interaction.  It was clear to us that she had something transformational to offer our field.  After hours and hours of examination, we came to the conclusion that Kristi understands what love truly is.  Not love in the fluffy bad movie sense, but love in the ‘I’m here, I’ll do everything I can, and we will make this work’ way.  Love in the sense that failure is not an option.  Love in the sense of how much pure genuine acceptance can transform who you are and what you believe about the world. 

    Ultimately, it’s impossible to express what it’s like to be in Kristi’s care.  But we can say, unequivocally, that it’s a very rare experience in this world that brings out the best in each and every one of us.  

  • Rachel Klein, MA
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Adolescents

    Rachel is the hardest working person we know.  She devotes every fiber of her being into helping her clients find the connection they’ve lost.  We’ve never seen anything quite like it.  When she sets her mind to helping people – things happen that we can’t quite explain.  She takes impossible situations and transforms them with grace and ease.  When we mine deeper for understanding of her methods it becomes clear.  The recipe for Rachel’s secret sauce is first laying a base of love and compassion and adding in heaps of unwavering belief in her clients’ ability to heal and live a connected and loving life.  Her hard work and dedication are simply the activating agent. 

    When we first met Rachel, we wondered how this drive and commitment to her clients’ well-being might be sustainable.  We understand now that her humor and levity make it possible for her to keep that edge of driving her clients and also helping them to feel valued and cared for. 

    If you’re tired of disconnection and strife and want to get moving – you’ve found a great fit in Rachel. 

  • Trisha Witmer, MA
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Children & Adolescents

    Trisha is our resident wise sage.  There are many mysteries which surround her.  Like, how does she get clients to feel so understood and make such incredible movement?  How does she see through all of the superficial problems and chaos to reveal the loving connection underneath?  How is she able to be so straightforward and forthright and still maintain her clients’ affection? 

    After endless hours of inquiry – we finally understand at least part of these mysteries.  The answer is surprisingly simple.  Trisha believes in the dignity of every human being.  She believes that we all have a potential that we’re evolving to and that each of us deserve to be loved and cared for.  There is something about that quiet belief that has Trisha refusing to accept anything but the best possible outcomes for her clients. If you’re fortunate enough to see Trisha – you’ll understand why wisdom and belief are such critical factors in relationship transformation.

    Trisha sees clients when they can actually come to therapy– so she has both daytime and evening appointments available.

  • Fiona McGovern, MA
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Children & Adolescents

    Fiona is a straightforward person. Not in a rude way– but in a ‘let’s get stuff done now’ way.  Fiona cares deeply about her clients and she knows that change won’t happen if the only thing a couples therapist does is listen.  Effective couples therapy requires action, too.  Fiona DOES listen, and then she priorities her client’s goals.  She has a passionate commitment to helping her clients connect and communicate in ways they’ve rarely experienced before. 

    We are fascinated with Fiona because, somehow, she is able to garner her clients’ trust while simultaneously holding them extremely accountable for the work they need to do in order to live the life she knows they can have.  If you want someone who will sit back and reflectively listen – it’s probably best to move on.  If you want someone who refuses to waste your time in anything inane and inconsequential, if you want someone who will accept nothing but your best – both in what you can provide and also in the type of relationship you will find, then you’ve found the best fit we can imagine in Fiona.  

  • Camrie Trautman, MA
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues

    Camrie’s motto is Humor. Hope. Humility. and that is just one of the many factors that make her incredibly effective with the couples she sees.   

    The Camrie you see in therapy is the one you see outside of therapy.  She loves to laugh, but she is also incredibly pragmatic with getting her couples understanding one another, healing, and experiencing the intimate connection they’ve always wanted.  Her clients report she’s never afraid to have the hard conversations – but the way she brings in humor allows these conversations to feel caring and collaborative.  Even “almost enjoyable.”  (We are not making this up.) 

    Camrie’s breadth of understanding different types of couples and their issues is unsurpassed at RTC.  We are not even going to try to summarize the incredible knowledge Camrie has.  We can only summarize Camrie as one of the most wonderful combinations of competency and care that we’ve ever seen.  

    Camrie sees clients in the evenings and on the weekends to make sure that scheduling isn’t a barrier to your healing.

  • Breana Foley, MS, LAMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Children & Adolescents

    Bre is the embodiment of passion and everything that is good about couples therapy.  We have never met anyone who can hold a candle to how much pure raw enthusiasm Bre brings to her couples and the couples therapy field.  She is voracious when it comes to getting to know and understand their struggles.  Nothing, I tell you, nothing will stand in her way.  We love that about her.

    Bre’s deep well of knowledge about couples therapy and sexuality gives her the ability to see struggles from a larger holistic perspective.  This perspective gives her the vantage point to see solutions the rest of wouldn’t dream of.  When you combine that perspective with her incredible knack for creativity – her clients report they see and act in ways they only dreamed of.  Whatever your struggle is, no matter the complexity – Bre would love to be your guide.

    Bre works evenings and weekends (as well as some daytimes) so that you can come to therapy when it works for you.

  • Sam Egertson, MA
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Adolescents

    In Sam, you couldn’t find a better listener if you tried.  And we assure you – we’ve really tried.  Sam is meticulous when it comes to understanding the intricacies of what make his couples work, and what causes them to falter.  This intentionality aids him in understanding even the most complex and confusing relationship dynamics.  When we’re confused, Sam is our first resource.

    Sam is especially gifted in understanding communication difficulties, addiction and infidelity.  There is something profound about being and feeling understood.  But Sam also knows understanding is only the first half of helping his couples transform.  Sam isn’t merely a paraphraser (just repeating your words back to you).  No, no.  He is a wellspring of knowledge and resources he uses to find the openings for change and growth and helping his clients be better.  And that’s where his understanding of relationships helps him to target precisely what his clients need to do in order to regain the love they’ve lost.  

    Sam takes evening appointments, just to make it easier for you to get the care you need.

  • Todd Faehner, MA
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Adolescents

    When we first heard Todd’s voice – a sense of calm and peacefulness came over us.  It was almost an out of body experience.  There is absolutely no way to describe his presence in mere words.  The only way to comprehend his impact is to be in the same room and imbibe the warm sense of safety he exudes for yourself.  We know this sounds flowery – but trust us – it’s an understatement. 

    However, this calm and compassionate exterior belies a tenacious belief.  Todd believes his clients must and will change.  While he accepts his clients, he doesn’t accept their lives must be filled with meaningless pain and suffering.  In fact – that’s a non-negotiable for him.  He cares too much for his clients to stay stuck.  He cares too much to allow them to flounder.  He cares about his clients in a way that says “I’m all in, no matter what, let’s make this the relationship you want, need, and deserve.”  The faith he has in his clients is his secret sauce.  And we love that about him. 

    Todd is dedicated to seeing his clients when they’re available – so he works on weekends and during the evenings.

  • James Olson, BA
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues

    James is a combination of your favorite camp counselor and your wisened grandfather.  His joy for life is contagious and only surpassed by his zeal for understanding and making every relationship better.  We find it remarkable how many people leave James’ office with a smile on their face.  He’s somehow able to disentangle all of the bad relationship juju and get clients to see the possibility of how their relationships can be life-changing.  And ultimately that is his specialty – changing lives through better relationships.

    James uses his experience working with addiction, infidelity, sex/intimacy, and relationship ruptures, as the foundation of these changes. He believes that each person has their own story that shapes their current experience. He prioritizes safety in the therapy room to ensure that every unique story has a home.  This safety creates a space where clients can feel accepted and understood, no matter what. James inspires us all to be better people and we are thankful for that gift. 

    James works evenings and weekends because he strongly believes that day-to-day scheduling conflicts shouldn’t get in the way of your healing.

  • Lucreshia Grant, MS
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Children & Adolescents

    Lucreshia’s warmth is our Center’s secret weapon.  No one in the course of history has been able to escape the field of caring and empathy Lucreshia exudes.  Her couples report that while her warmth is what makes them feel safe, it’s her refreshing straightforwardness that gets them moving in the direction of their hopes and dreams. 

    Lucreshia is passionate about helping her couples find a new level of communication.  Whether it’s about recovering from a betrayal or the all too annoying every day scuffles, she is adamant the people she sees finds not just relief, but a type of connection most of us haven’t experienced before. 

    Lucreshia may look on the younger side – but don’t give that a second thought.  Senior members of our staff often line up around the corner to get her counsel.  Simply put – no one cares more than Lucreshia.  And that goes a long way.    

  • Efrén Solanas, MA, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Children & Adolescents

    Efrén is the grand explorer of the Relationship Therapy Center. Whatever journey his clients are on, he enthusiastically jumps on and is the consummate companion and guide – no matter where that journey ventures. Efrén has the ability to honor individuals and relationships in a way we’ve never seen before. He holds the kind of respect for people that can’t be taught. It can only be earned over a lifetime of myriad experiences – all in the service of trying to understand the intricacies and complexities of how relationships work.

    This ability to honor each person leads his clients to feeling profoundly cared for and seen for who they are and what they want from life (and therapy). Therapy is not a job for Efrén – it’s his calling. Every experience, every ounce of life he’s had, has lead him to care for clients in a way that is uniquely personal.

  • Carol Hoopman, MA, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues

    We love Carol because she walks the walk, working with couples of all different backgrounds, faiths and values. Carol is one of the most authentic people we know and you will find that you can trust her to be open, direct, and honest with you, skillfully guiding you in your relationship. She is one of our therapists that offers Christian counseling when a couple wants faith based counseling, but does not incorporate it unless requested.

    Carol has a passion around helping couples who are dealing with the emotions and complexities of sex addiction.  She listens and provides support in an open and nonjudgemental way.   She also has compassion and experience working with couples where an affair has taken place, she doesn’t place blame or take sides, she remains a neutral and calming presence for couples to work through their feelings. 

  • Erin Egertson, MA
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, EMDR/Trauma

    **Telehealth only**
    We are so confident that you are going to love working with Erin because she will love working with you. As a couples therapy clinic – we are painfully aware that very few people are truly made for the extraordinary complexity and difficulty of being a couples therapist. Erin is one of those one in a million finds. Couples therapy isn’t an extension of Erin – it is who she is. We are consistently amazed at her ability to breathe life into the most difficult and tragic situations. But what baffles us is her ability to utilize her sense of humor and infectious laugh to carry couples through into the land of hope and reconnection.

    Don’t let Erin’s youthful appearance fool you; Erin is wise beyond her years, it’s almost otherworldly. When we are with her, somehow we find ourselves feeling more calm and at ease without the slightest effort. We find ourselves even being transformed into better partners and better people. Perhaps this transformation comes simply from how she is in the world. But the prevailing notion at RTC is that she’s an ancient soul who’s come to help and protect couples when they desperately need hope and a reprieve from the pain.

  • Rachel Nygaard, MS, LAMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues

    Rachel is the embodiment of kindness and warmth.  You can feel her genuine caring nature the moment you meet her. She’s the kind of person that you feel like you can tell all your secrets to because there’s not a judgmental bone in her body. We love how she can hold a lot of pain for her clients; we admire how big problems don’t overwhelm her; but most of all, we appreciate how her quick wit can bring levity and hope to even the most difficult situations. 

    Rachel is unabashedly fixated on her clients’ goals and needs.  While she is competent and well educated, she holds strong to the belief that clients have the ultimate say in their lives.  Wherever her clients want to go – Rachel will do everything she can to make that journey a reality.  And this brings us to what we actually love most about Rachel – her commitment.  She’s committed to her clients in a way we rarely see.  She will go through hell and back with the people she cares about most – because that is who she is.  It is her nature and we’re so thankful to have her here at RTC. 

    Rachel has a special place in her heart for veterans and those actively serving in the military. 

  • Allison Rose, MA, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues

    When we want to be understood – Alli is our clear choice.  She has an incredible ability to make sense of the most difficult situations while also transforming those difficulties into opportunities for intimacy and connection.  She’s able to accomplish this through an unassuming style that puts her clients at ease, while also challenging all of us to be the best partner we can be.

    We always say that couples therapists shouldn’t take sides.  Alli shreds this norm.  Somehow, she takes both partners’ side.  There’s a magical balance she holds in validating and caring about both partners at the same time.  This quality she embodies is so critical to successful couples therapy – that she is one of the therapists we spend the most time trying to figure out and dissect her approach.  Unfortunately, like so many things Alli does, this natural ability is simply part of her DNA.  It reflects her basic worldview that we all deserve understanding, care, and a chance at love. 

  • Nancy Carlson, MA, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, ICC Certified

    Nancy is our Resident Wise Soul (RWS). From the first time we met Nancy we knew our couples struggling the most would find hope with Nancy. Nancy is especially skilled in helping couples encountering complex grief and situations which seem profoundly hopeless. Nancy also offers Christian Counseling when clients wish to incorporate faith into their counseling. Clients report that she is “uniquely skilled and dedicated”.

    Her soft and warm presence provides an environment for clients to explore their needs and process their pain. But don’t be fooled– she will be honest and direct with you and help you change.

    *Please note that Nancy is only accepting new clients for our Intensive Couples Counseling program.

  • Erica Falconer, MS, LMFT
    Couple, Individual Relationship Issues

    Our current Grand Goal at RTC is to clone Erica. She characterizes all that is wonderful and true of the most talented therapists. She has a spirit that’s kind but determined. A heart that’s able to connect – but still hold you accountable. She is the complete therapeutic package. We are reminded consistently by her clients how fortunate we are to have her at RTC.

    If you’re looking for someone who is warm and down to earth – you want to work with Erica.  You’ll never feel like she’s talking down to you and you’ll instantly sense her compassion.  She loves her work with couples, families, and individuals.

    *Please note that Erica is only accepting new clients for our Intensive Couples Counseling program.

  • David Fredman, M.Ed, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues

    **Telehealth only**
    David’s engaging style, a quick smile and often quirky sense of humor provide a combination that is easy to warm up to. His mere presence can calm the most conflicted couples and his warmth helps clients find the connection they have lost. David is uniquely nonjudgmental and works with people of all religious orientations, as well as those with no religious orientation. As a Rabbi for the past 8 years, he is especially knowledgeable about the Jewish faith and traditions.

    Knowing that couples therapy can be challenging to schedule, David works daytimes, evenings and Sundays to accommodate couples.

  • Amanda Tapper, MA, LMFT
    Affairs, Pre-Marital Counseling, Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, First-Responder Couples

    She is an inspiration. Describing Amanda in words on a webpage is woefully inadequate. She is a human paradox. Her presence is both light and commanding. Her words are forceful yet compassionate. She instigates problems while solving them. Her whispers reverberate in her clients’ ears for years to come. She is a force of nature (the good nature – not the tornado or tsunami or flash flood or world coming to an end type of nature – the birds singing in your backyard type of nature).

    Amanda will go the extra mile for her clients– seeing them in the evenings, knowing that availability is critical to making progress. She has a special passion and particular interest for working with couples healing from an affair and First-Responder couples, as she understands the complexities and nuances that compose these unique relationships.

  • Mike Hitzelberger, MA, LP
    Individuals, EMDR/Trauma, Hypnosis

    Mike is well known for his humor, compassion, and ability to challenge. He has over 20 years of experience in the field and especially enjoys working with individuals going through transition.

    Mike’s clients appreciate his straightforward and honest style. This style is especially helpful to those struggling with grief and loss. Mike also uses EMDR to work with trauma and blocks.

  • Callie McMillan, MS, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues

    Callie is the therapist for you if what you need help with is your sex life! She is so good at making people feel safe and comfortable, and is well-versed in the many sexual problems that individuals and couples encounter. She can help the typical couple dealing with different levels of sex drive, or someone in the LGBTQIA+ or kink community. Oh, and she also sees couples that don’t have any sex issues and just need support in figuring out their relationship!

    Callie takes both daytime and evening appointments to accommodate your schedule.

  • Emily Rudert, MA, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Adolescents, Brainspotting Certified

    Emily does it all– she works with couples, adolescents, and families. And she has a way of making anyone she encounters instantly feel comfortable. She’s genuine and knows how to be real, but you’ll pick up on her sense of humor right away. You can really be yourself with her and if you don’t necessarily fit in the ‘100% normal’ bucket (what is that bucket anyway?), you’ll feel right at home with Emily.

    Emily takes daytime as well as evening appointments, just to make it easier to schedule with her.

    *Please note that Emily is only accepting new clients for our Intensive Couples Counseling program.

  • Gregg Schacher, PhD, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Adolescents, Children

    **Telehealth only**
    Gregg is trained extensively with the best of the best in the couples therapy world. He’s extremely well educated, but also humble– a rare combination. He is the most observant person we know. He can pick up on the smallest detail and change the course of his clients’ lives.

    He can see his clients’ success miles away and guide them incisively towards their hopes and dreams. He does this through a simple process of belief and guidance. He believes in his clients + provides guidance. He knows they will succeed and he shows them how. Time after time, it’s amazing how right he is. It took us 9 years to convince him that he needs to join RTC. You’ll understand our passion for him when you meet him.

  • Layne Ticker, MA, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Adolescents, Children

    **Telehealth only**
    Layne is so warm and inviting that we have to keep the Air Conditioning on in the middle of even the coldest winters. Her ability to listen without judgment, her passion for curiosity, and her motivation to learn about you and your relationship are some of the things that make her stand out. She excels with both couples and families by really connecting with them and motivating them to grow– you can be confident they are in good hands.

    Layne works with couples on a variety of issues and specializes in parenting education and parenting coaching.  She knows how to support couples who are feeling disconnected, frustrated, or disinterested.  She is passionate about helping people heal personal trauma to develop healthier relationships.

  • Lisa Watson, M.Div, MA, LMFT
    Couples & Individual Relationship Issues

    **Telehealth only**
    We recently scoured the vast United States in search of one single soul who does not absolutely love Lisa Watson and her compassionate, pragmatic approach to therapy. Her benevolence and kindness proved to be the venture’s ultimate undoing. She is the Washington Monument of Empathy (WME) and the Industrial Revolution of her Clients’ Healing (IRCH).

    Her clients often love her more than many of their own family members. Her retention rate is legendary (178% – we didn’t even think that was possible). When people really don’t want to come to therapy – we universally say ‘See Lisa – she will fix you up.’ Lisa is so committed to her clients that she is works evenings — she understands that part of her service is about being available when couples and individuals are available to attend.