Couples Counseling

The Results Are In.  Our Couples Counseling Works. Over the last 18 months over 75% of our couples reached their expected goals.*  Do you know anyone else who can say that?  Read more about how our results are established using Feedback Informed Treatment.

“In most studies of (psychotherapy) treatment conducted over the last 40 years the average treated person is better off than 80% of the untreated sample…  What we do really does work.”

– Scott Miller, Feedback Informed Treatment talk at the 2013 Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference

There is hope.  We can help. Let us teach you  a new way to communicate and connect.  We can help heal the hurt.

Please Let us Help. Call Now.

Couples Counseling Can Help with These Problems:

  • Affairs & Betrayals – Please don’t try to take care of this on your own. We have dealt with hundreds of affairs and betrayals. We can help you forge a path towards healing.
  • Loss of Connection & Intimacy – You need to feel close and connected to your partner. Living with a roommate is no way to live.
  • Communication Problems – You keep having he same conversation over and over. Any conversation can turn into a fight? We understand why – let us help you learn the skills to get back on track.
  • Sex – Sex is the taboo topic. The great thing about us is that it’s not at all taboo to us. We get that sex can be complex and can help you find a happy and rewarding sex life.
  • Money – Financial conflicts can destroy your marriage. There are crucial tasks and skills you need to learn to negotiate a middle ground. Let us show you these tasks and skills.

Now is the time for couples counseling. Don’t wait too long.

Upset CoupleMany of us think we should be able to do it ourselves. But the reality is – few of us learned how to have a happy and productive relationship.

The research is clear about what it takes and skills you need to stay connected for a lifetime. Let us be your guide. Call today and let our client ambassador get you on the path to reconnection.

* 75% of clients starting therapy 18 or fewer months ago reached their expected improvement in outcome as defined by the Expected Treatment Response (ETR) using the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) in the database.  Only clients seeing FIT Therapists are included in this sample.  These therapists are identified on the All Therapists page with a “FIT Therapist Logo.”  For more information on this statistic please contact Jeb Sawyer at