Children & Adolescent Therapists

  • Kate Kadleck, MS
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Children and Adolescents

    Kate is warm and welcoming, and just the kind of person that you’d want on your side if you’re dealing with some relationship challenges. She’s great with individuals that want to sort things out, premarital couples and couples that just want to fine-tune their relationship, and also skilled at helping couples that have been struggling a long time. Kate also has a passion for working with children and adolescents and is experienced with kids as young as 5.

    Unlike many therapists, Kate works Saturdays (as well as daytimes and evenings)! She knows that being able to come in at a convenient time to see her is going to make it much easier to meet your goals!

  • Emily Rudert, MA, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Adolescents

    Emily does it all– she works with couples, adolescents, and families. And she has a way of making anyone she encounters instantly feel comfortable. She’s genuine and knows how to be real, but you’ll pick up on her sense of humor right away. You can really be yourself with her and if you don’t necessarily fit in the ‘100% normal’ bucket (what is that bucket anyway?), you’ll feel right at home with Emily.

    Emily takes daytime as well as evening appointments, just to make it easier to schedule with her.

  • Gregg Schacher, PhD, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Adolescents, Children

    Gregg is trained extensively with the best of the best in the couples therapy world. He’s extremely well educated, but also humble– a rare combination. He is the most observant person we know. He can pick up on the smallest detail and change the course of his clients’ lives.

    He can see his clients’ success miles away and guide them incisively towards their hopes and dreams. He does this through a simple process of belief and guidance. He believes in his clients + provides guidance. He knows they will succeed and he shows them how. Time after time, it’s amazing how right he is. It took us 9 years to convince him that he needs to join RTC. You’ll understand our passion for him when you meet him.

  • Layne Ticker, MA, LMFT
    Couples, Individual Relationship Issues, Adolescents, Children

    Layne is so warm and inviting that we have to keep the Air Conditioning on in the middle of even the coldest winters. Her ability to listen without judgment, her passion for curiosity, and her motivation to learn about you and your relationship are some of the things that make her stand out. She excels with both adolescents and couples by really connecting with them and motivating them to grow– you can be confident they are in good hands.

    Layne works with couples on a variety of issues and specializes in sexuality.  She knows how to support couples who are feeling disconnected, frustrated, or disinterested.  She will help you get the intimate connection you’re seeking.

    Layne sees client when clients can actually come to therapy– so she has both daytime and evening appointments available.