The following are real testimonials from real RTC clients:
Lucreshia has been working AWESOME!  I have learned so much from her and I feel she generally cares about us as individuals and as a couple. It has really been insightful and life changing for myself. I appreciate the homework and exercises she gives us after every session. She is a great listener and encourager. She is understanding, sympathetic, and compassionate. I really see her as a life coach. I feel like a better person, husband, and father from our sessions with her. I have seen direct results with my wife and our relationship, but it has expanded to our children as well as my work.  I am super happy I am able to do this with my wife. I feel I have a partner that is invested in this as much as I am. I think that has been a huge contributor in our success. I really can’t express how pleased and thankful I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lucreshia!
Efrén is a perfect fit for me. He is helping me work on exactly what I need to be. I feel really listened to by him and I feel like he is guiding me on a good pathway.   

Amanda has been great! We feel extremely comfortable with her. She is so easy to talk to; she explains everything thoroughly and in an easy to understand way. We actually look forward to seeing her each week. We have definitely made progress in our relationship in the short time that we have had with Amanda. The office space is nice and cozy; it feels more like a home than an office. I would recommend Amanda and RTC to anyone!

I think [my spouse] and I are in agreement that we can’t imagine working with anyone other than Hailey! This has been a really great and worthwhile experience so far.

Kristi is an extraordinary therapist. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking support and/or clarity about their relationship or personal path. She has witnessed and supported my partner and I as we wade through the deepest weeds of our relationship, and she continues to support both of us respectively in finding our most authentic avenues going forth. I am deeply grateful to have had the chance to work closely with Kristi. She is a rare gem!

Alli has been very helpful and is an excellent listener.

We both feel that Breana has been working well for us to work through our relationship issues. I particularly appreciate that your organization has a structured process with a workbook, which has helped us get even more from the process than we have with past therapists. 

I couldn’t be more thrilled with James. He’s fantastic!

Rachel [K] has helped me a great deal already. Seeing her once a week makes me feel like I am moving forward in my path to a better mental health. Her approach is exactly what I need at this moment. I really appreciate her observations and she is very good at pinpointing what to focus.

Fiona is wonderful! She has been the best match we have found by far. We look forward to seeing her! After almost every session we’re able to communicate with each other more effectively.

Sam has been a great fit for us, he’s incredibly helpful!

[My partner] and I cannot speak highly enough about Kristi’s approach and work with us. We are extremely grateful that we were matched with her. Please know that because of Kristi’s work we are hopeful for the future again.

We’re both very happy with Lucreshia and we’re confident she will be able to help us get to where we need to go.

I really like Nathan, his approach works well for me. I know [my husband] has mentioned several times that he feels Nathan is a good fit for him also.

Rachel [N] is great, we like her a lot! She is super nice, a great listener and just a very well rounded therapist!

We are very pleased with Carol as our therapist. She is such a good listener and so intuitive. It is easy to talk with her as she is so respectful in her feedback to us and her suggestions. I highly recommend her. We are fortunate we found her right off the bat or we may have not stayed with counseling.

Trisha has been great for our couples therapy. She’s very thorough, consistent, and direct. I am pleased with her focus on how to improve our relationship by educating and training us and not just listening to us complain.

We both really like how Camrie is working with us. I think she does a great job at listening, understanding me, and making sense of things that I was previously unaware of. I was not expecting that couples therapy would be so deep and detailed. I was pleasantly surprised with her approach and I would recommend her both to couples and individuals looking for therapy.

Lisa has been a great mentor! I really enjoy working with her and look forward to continue to learn more and grow as an individual!

We saw Nathan for our couples therapy and he was an absolute godsend for our marriage.

Kristi’s amazing! She is a wonderful listener, resource, and provides brand new ideas instead of recycling ideas I’ve heard in the past. 

I have been enjoying our sessions with Hailey. I think we’re at a point where she has learned enough about us and our situation to start giving us personalized activities and methods to try on our own outside of therapy, which I’m excited about. I love that Hailey makes me feel validated and comfortable to talk about what I’m struggling with, and she helps us navigate conversations when we get stuck.

Lucreshia is wonderful! She has done a fantastic job so far of making us feel heard and given us confidence that our issues can be addressed. We’re very happy to be working with her.

I think Erin has been really helpful and is especially gifted at helping us “translate” so we can really hear and understand one another’s communication better. 

Rachel [K] is gentle, affirming and supportive.  I look forward to growing and learning with her every week.

Both [my husband] and I appreciate Todd’s approach and style in our sessions. We think he’s a great fit for us as a couple and for where we’re at in our marriage.

We feel incredibly lucky that we ended up with Emily. Something so important shouldn’t be left to chance – thank goodness we got so lucky.

Nathan is a great fit for my husband and I. Things are going well and we find him effective as our therapist.

Carol did a very good job collecting and analyzing information obtained from each of us, explaining how our strengths and weaknesses affected our marriage, and how they brought us to the current state we are in. 

We are both so happy with Trisha and her services so far! No complaints!

I have really enjoyed my time with James. I like his approach to our specific situation, how transparent he is about the process and that the material he introduces us to not only requires (good) behavior changes but makes perfect sense for our needs.

Breana has been great thus far, I’ve learned some very interesting points from her and I think she has a really good connection with [my partner] also.

Camrie has been wonderful! We both agree she is a great fit. We have been totally happy and have no complaints.

Layne is AMAZING. She is so smart, insightful and kind but tough. She challenges and supports us. I couldn’t imagine a better match. I feel so grateful. 

Callie did a great job and both my wife and I felt a solid connection to her.

Rachel [N] rocks and I am excited to continue working with her!

We’ve really been liking working with Todd. His approach is just what I’m looking for!

We ADORE Efrén. He is literally exactly what we were looking for, and he has helped us so much already. I cannot say enough to sing his praises, and we are so looking forward to continuing to work with him. We are so pleased with his work and feel so fortunate that we get to work with him.

Everything is going great with Alli. She has tremendously helped our relationship improve. 

We are enjoying Fiona and feel we can be honest with her and that she is honest with us. It is a great fit!

My individual sessions and the group therapy I’m in with Carol have been so therapeutic for me. I’m so grateful to have found RTC.

Trisha is great! She listens and has brought forward effective strategies.

My husband and I love working with David. We’ve had an extremely positive experience so far and are already on the plan to continue.

My husband is a client of Emily’s and speaks the world of her. I have noticed so much positive, joyful improvement in him since their sessions together and couldn’t be more proud of him and his progress.

It’s early but I can tell Erica is a very good listener and helpful in dealing with my situation asking the right questions to get down to the issues bugging me. Very personable, compassionate and professional.  Highly recommend her!

We love Nancy!! She had already done wonders for us! She totally gets us and our situation!

Carol is really great! We feel like we are in very good hands with her.

We like Gregg and his style is a good fit for our needs.

We are very happy with Erica. And receiving positive results from therapy with her. Thank you for checking in!

We both agree that Callie is a good fit for us. With only 2 sessions in we both have learned so much and are looking forward to more. Overall I think it is going great so far! 

We are so happy with Lucreshia! She is a great listener and we appreciate it!

Hailey is wonderful and we both really like working with her. She is very understanding of our needs and is so flexible, which we really appreciate.

I am very happy with Emily and feel like we have made progress. I have appreciated Emily’s flexibility in scheduling and also in her style of session depending on what kind of week we have had. Overall we are having a good experience and hope to continue to see progress.

David is the best! He makes both my partner and I feel so comfortable with his humor, knowledge and his gentle approach! So grateful to have found him!

We love Amanda, it is definitely a great fit! 

Erin has been GREAT!! We have loved working with her and we have seen progress in some of our communication techniques.

We absolutely love Emily! In the few sessions we’ve been together, she’s done a fantastic job. She’s providing awesome resources and tools to help us to become better partners to one another. We look forward to our time with Emily moving forward. 

Layne is a really good fit for us!  She does very well balancing help for the both of us.  She continues to provide tools for us to work on to improve our relationship.  She is really great.

Efrén has been a terrific fit to date, and I am optimistic that will continue. I look forward to learning more from and through him. 

We both agree Callie is a good fit for us. With only 2 sessions in we both have learned so much and are looking forward to more. Overall I think it is going great so far! 

We are very happy with Lisa and feel like we are making progress. Everything so far has been great.

We are very pleased so far with Emily and her approach!

My partner and I are very happy with Erica even from day one. She is great at creating ways for us to move towards mutual change without placing any blame. She is intuitive, understanding, and empathetic.

We are very happy with Layne and think she has given us great tools for our relationship. I think she is the perfect fit for us.

Emily is amazing and a perfect match for us. We could not be more thrilled with her service, expertise and results.​ ​

We have really enjoyed working with Carol and have already seen some great improvements in our relationship thanks to our work with her. We would highly recommend her to anyone in need of relationship support. 

David has been amazing and I love working with him. He has been nothing but kind, supportive and flexible. 

Erica seems to be a great fit for us. She’s flexible, professional, and has a lot of tools to offer. We’re very happy to be working with her.

We adore Lisa, feeling great and we’re definitely making progress.

We are really happy with Emily and content with our therapy sessions, looking forward to having more.

We love Nancy, she has worked wonders for my husband and I. I feel we have grown and gained a lot of knowledge to help us with our marriage, as parents, and individuals. I would recommenced Nancy and anyone who works here to any one!! We can’t say enough good things!!!

It’s been going really well with David. We both like working with him and it’s a good fit.

I truly believe I would not be where I am (a mom!!) without my therapist. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate her and all of her help. I often catch myself thinking “what would she say” before making decisions.”

We absolutely love Erica. We think she is perfect for us! Thank you so much for connecting us with her.

I had a wonderful experience with Efrén.  He provided me with a number of relationship tools.  He was kind and provided insight to what I was going through.

So far I am perfectly happy with Gregg, and my partner informs me that he has me ‘pegged’ already!

We’re still making progress and encouraged by the possibility of how much more progress we can make with Emily’s help.

Gregg is amazing! My husband and I are extremely happy with him and happy to continue resolving our issues and gaining greater insight, respect, and a greater sense of self and togetherness in our marriage. Gregg is awesome.

So far working with Nancy is going well and we are grateful for her work with us. 

Gregg has been absolutely great, and I definitely feel like I’m making progress. He genuinely cares about my well-being and is extremely accommodating and flexible. 

I am very thrilled with the hope we have since meeting with Nancy. It feels like a good fit and we are seeing change with only two visits so far.

I think Lisa has been a great fit for my husband & I.  I look forward continuing our journey with her, she is wonderful! 

Our therapist is awesome! Best therapist I have ever had! Over 20 years!

I am really liking Erica. I have had trouble in the past connecting with therapists so I have been pleasantly surprised.

Callie is a good therapist and we have been doing good work together. She has a good balance of being knowledgeable and providing structure and education while also being flexible to hold space and go with the issues I am bringing in in any given session.

Yes, I still feel good about my therapy. My progress is hard to determine, with my job situation and my worry, but Amanda helps with her insight. I like the office she is in and it makes me feel comfortable. Amanda is genuine and easy to talk to.

We had a wonderful session with Erica and look forward to seeing her next week.

Layne has a great talent to dig into topics and ask questions that really make us think and reflect.

Amanda is wonderful. Things are going great.

Emily was amazing! I truly connected with her and she was a great listener and asked very thoughtful and good questions! 

Time and again I’ve seen the tools that you’ve taught us work wonderfully. I remembered one of your more recent suggestions a couple days ago and it made a huge difference. All of the tools that you’ve taught both (my partner) and me have been especially important of late in navigating… Thank you for all that you’ve done for us. You’ve made our lives so much better. 

My husband and I are very happy with Callie. She is very insightful and conducts our session very well. We feel that she gives us the guidance and structure we need to work on our marriage. 

I want to say again it was so great to see you. I really miss it not seeing you on session days. You have helped us so much and we are in a very different place than we would be without your help. I love your spirit and teaching style. So right on, quick, yet really holding your seat with deliberateness. Sometimes you kind of blow my mind :) I also was so touched by the young man waiting for you and how you took that time to have some words for him even though you were rushed. Your heart is so open and I feel such gratitude that we have you in our lives now.

I feel like I am making progress. This is my first experience with therapy and I think Erica is a good fit. She is a good listener, she does not judge, and I feel like she is focused on me and what I need.

 Lisa is the right therapist and this is the right program.  We’re making progress even though it is sometimes very difficult.

Things have never been better between us. We are having so much fun together and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Tough spots are inevitable, but we’ve got the tools you gave us to get us through. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us!

David has been helpful so far- we are definitely making progress with him.

(Our therapist) saved my marriage. I seriously cannot thank her enough.

We have had some rocky moments but I think that is more due to our relationship and associated issues and as of right now we are very happy. I appreciate (our therapist’s) passion and personally feel she really understands my perspective which is really important to me.  Therapy is much more intensive than anything we have done and I feel like we are being challenged rather than just listened too.

Emily is fantastic and is doing a great job, I feel things are improving and moving along, one day at a time. cant say enough good things about Emily.

We’re slowly, but surely making progress… just takes a while to change some bad habits. We’ve enjoyed (our therapist’s) relaxed style, but at the same time she’s providing some structure through “homework” assignments to keep us on task. The office is very convenient so that works well for us.

I feel like I am making progress and really like working with Layne–she is very warm and friendly and often helps me view things from another perspective. 

My husband and I are very happy with Erica even from day one. She is great at creating ways for us to move towards mutual change without placing any blame. She is Intuitive, understanding, and empathetic. This is our first time doing couples therapy and my first time in therapy and we are very happy that she is working out so well for us.  
Layne has a great talent to dig into topics and ask questions that really make us think and reflect. 
We love Nancy!! She had already done wonders for us! She totally gets us and our situation!
Amanda has been a good fit for me so far and I am definitely  moving forward with what I wanted.
I think Lisa is wonderful!  She has got through more in 2 visits with me than a prior therapist did in 8 weeks.  She really has a gift!
David was a great match for me. I had a wonderful experience at RTC and have continue to connect with David.
So far we are super grateful and feel like both the process and facilitator have been beneficial to help us meet our goals. I am pleased by all of the above.
Emily is great, we enjoy working with her.
We love Amanda. She is great – she actually was able to get my husband to come to therapy. A miracle in and of itself! There is still much work to be done. I would love fast results, but we didn’t get into our situation overnight so I need to be patient.
We are really enjoying working with Layne.  She is very understanding of the situations she is presented with and is working well with us.  We are pleased all around!
Emily is perfect for me. I would probably have stopped already if it wasn’t for her. I feel I am learning and feeling better as I go.
I believe David is a good match. He is intuitive and listens well to our needs.  He is skilled at helping us communicate and helping us understand ourselves and each other better.
We adore Gregg!
Layne is good. I like her as a person and she’s genuine about doing what’s best for us as a couple. Her knowledge and skill set is apparent and she is always been pleasant.
I think that Lisa is a great fit! My husband and I both feel like it’s as comfortable as therapy can be.
Emily’s been great.  It’s been a good experience so far. 

Layne is great!  She’s been lots of help.

I feel like our time with Amanda has been productive and has pushed our relationship in a better direction. I like how Amanda has homework or challenges for us to do most of the time which gives us something to think about during the week.
We believe that Callie is a good match and she is doing a great job working with us. I am experiencing progress. 
David has been great.  He really listens and we both feel like he is helping us a lot.  We do feel like we are making progress.