On the Brink


One last chance or time to go?

Healing the Hurt

A relationship betrayal can be devastating. It is a critical juncture that calls you to action.

On the Brink

The divorce rate is 41%-50%, and higher for second or third marriages.

Seeking More Intimacy

Connection, whether it’s sexual or emotional intimacy is at the heart of most relationship issues.

Wanting Results Now

Some couples are busy and just don’t have the time to come to regular weekly therapy.

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On the Brink



For Couples on Their Last Chance, or Deciding to Stay or Leave

  • Your relationship might not make it. A relationship expert may be able give your relationship the chance it deserves. The On the Brink Program was designed for couples who reported not being helped by traditional therapy.*
  • Have you been in pain for too long? The format of ICC aims to help you get unstuck and get you on the path towards living your life again.*
  • Whether you decide to work on your relationship or have a healthy parting – the vast majority of couples who participate in the On the Brink program have a clear direction by the end of the 15 hours.*

    Contact us now and let us try to help. Is this the relationship you want? Let us do what we can to help you get your life moving again.


Your relationship needs help. Contact us and we will give you our honest opinion if ICC is right for you.

You deserve a better relationship.

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