ICC clients are able to get their program scheduled within 10 days or less. You bypass the waiting list for traditional therapy to get started right away.

You work privately with an ICC-certified therapist over three days. With many consecutive hours at each sitting, it’s easier to get to the heart of the issue and stay there longer.*

Your ICC therapist is hand selected to work with you based on your issues and needs and each ICC program is tailored specifically for you.

Your ICC therapist specializes in relationships, and has completed extensive training to be ICC-certified.

Contact us now and let us help. Don’t wait too long – there may be no turning back.

“This program was exactly what our marriage needed at a critical juncture. It taught me about myself and the relationship. Our therapist was willing to confront the tough issues in a kind and gentle way. I highly recommend this program to all couples in a relationship.*” – ICC program participant

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