Deep Recovery


Healing relationships affected by addiction

Deep Recovery is a model designed to treat relationships that have been directly affected by addiction. This can mean recovery from drugs and alcohol, but also from gambling, pornography, compulsive sexual behavior, television, video games, food, etc.

Deep Recovery blends trauma models, parts work, habit formation science, research-backed relationship tools, and other innovative approaches to access deep parts of the psyche and engage them in the recovery process.

Deep Recovery is offered as a 15-hour intensive for couples, but is also offered in 8 hour blocks for individuals who are in active addiction or have struggled with addiction in the past, and are looking to understand themselves and their behavioral patterns more deeply.

Deep Recovery for individuals can also be an effective treatment option for clients in couples counseling or individual counseling who are looking to dive more deeply into transformational change models as opposed to incremental change models. These do not necessarily need to be individuals with an addiction present or background, but can apply more broadly to anyone hoping to enhance their understanding of themselves in relation to the world around them.

James Olsonwilde is our Deep Recovery ICC therapist. Listen to him discuss the model in more detail here:

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