Engineering Connection Workshop

Sometimes individual issues get in the way of making progress in couples therapy, and doing some intense personal work can really help make movement. This is why we offer weekend workshops.


An Engineering Connection Workshop is a dynamic educational and experiential process, where participants learn to identify and address issues that have led to painful relationships. It is a structured weekend with 3-4 other individual clients (who do not know each-other coming into the weekend) and a trained therapist. The small group meets to do some deep experiential work, based on the empowering work of Pia Mellody, John Gottman and Brent Atkinson.

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The Workshop has three phases:


    During this phase, participants will learn about how their past impact their present. Self Esteem, Boundaries, Reality, Dependency, and Moderation issues will all be discussed. Participants will better understand what they need to do to become more balanced and relational. 


    In this phase, participants will work on “growing themselves up”. They will release painful emotions and begin to reclaim their rights and personal power.


    Lastly, participants will examine how they are showing up in current relationships and receive a set of strategies, tools, and resources to make permanent these empowering principles in their daily lives.

Workshops are typically offered semiannually, usually in the fall and spring.  For more information, call 612-787-2832.

Who would benefit from an Engineering Connection Workshop?

  • Men who find it difficult to connect with their emotional self.
  • Men who have had complaints from a partner (present or past) that they are not meeting emotional needs.
  • Men who want to work through part of their past that may be keeping them stuck in their current relationships or that may have led to the ending of a relationship.

How much does an Engineering Connection Workshop cost?

The investment for the Engineering Connection Workshop is $999.  

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