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Middle Aged and Single during COVID – Leif Pettersen’s Makes a Podcast a podcast featuring RTC Co Owner Theresa Benoit

In Leif Pettersen’s Makes a Podcast a Podcast, he talks with Theresa about dating while middle-aged, dating during COVID and dating while middle-aged during COVID. Theresa had some great insight and suggestions that hadn’t ever occurred to me, despite my many years in the dating pool. Best of all, you get a keyhole view of the nonstop thrill ride of dating me. (Spoiler Alert: It’s less those things and more of a slow, low-pitch escalator that needs frequent repairs.)

Theresa M. Benoit –Theresa is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the Co-Founder of the Relationship Therapy Center, a place dedicated to helping people grow in health and happiness in their important relationships. Through the integration of empirically informed couples therapy, VIP customer service, and a willingness to go beyond the normal bounds of couples therapy – the therapists at The Relationship Therapy Center tailor their services to the needs of each individual client and relationship. Theresa is also the Co-Creator of the trademarked Intensive Couples Counseling program, the Relationship Therapy Center’s highest level of service, provided by their most experienced therapists for couples who need change now.

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