We do not have current Fellowship openings, but check back here in the future! And watch the videos below to learn more about the Fellowship Program at RTC.

Post Grad Fellowship in Couples Counseling

The Relationship Therapy Center is offering a Post Grad Fellowship in Couples Counseling this Fall! A few select therapists (LMFT, LAMFT or soon-to-be) will be chosen for this unique opportunity, where we will dedicate the next two years to helping you become an incredible couples therapist!


You will receive:

Clients– You won’t need to do any of your own marketing. You get to work with lots of couples and get tons of experience with couples counseling.

Training– the Fellowship includes lots of training; We will help to develop your couples therapy skills by sending you to some the best trainers, as well as training you ourselves on a weekly basis.

Supervision– You get live supervision, lots of regular individual and group supervision, more than enough to meet the requirements for licensure.

Billing support– We take care of getting you in-network with insurance and do the billing for you.

Feedback Informed Treatment— We provide you with the technology and the training to use this valuable resource.

Community– You are part of a fantastic community of quality therapists, dedicated to the same mission.

Resources– Over the years we have compiled a very large database of resources–  free for you to access.

Compensation– Pay will be determined by the Fellowship offerings, length of commitment and experience in the field.


  1. RTC’s Post Graduate Fellowship in Couples Therapy (Overview)
    • The Relationship Therapy Center hosts a 2 year Fellowship Program in Couples Therapy.  The intensive program is designed to produce highly trained and competent therapists specializing in relationships.  It is the only 2 year fellowship specializing in couples therapy we are aware of. The Fellowship will fulfill the supervision and clinical contact hour requirements for full LMFT licensure in the state of Minnesota.  The Fellowship starts September 4, 2019.
  2. Description of the Site
    • The Relationship Therapy Center is the largest couples counseling clinic in Minnesota.  We strive to provide the best couples therapy in the world through extensive training, collaboration, and maintaining a healthy environment for our therapists.  The clinic is composed of clinicians with varied experience levels – from expert therapists to therapists fulfilling their practicum requirements with us.
  3. Fellowship Candidate Selection Philosophy
    • We believe that personality is much more important than experience.  We do not expect for you to have any experience in couples therapy. We are looking for therapists who have a passion for relationship therapy and have a strong enough personality to hold the therapy room.  We also are looking for individuals with a collaborative bend.
  4. Model of Training
    • Our model of training is influenced by three practices:  
      1. We are the creators of the Dyadic-Training Model (DTM).  Most training programs are oriented towards the individual or towards the supervisor/supervisee dyad.  However, much like the couples we aim to help, in DTM we build on a central core of the equal dyadic pair.  Co-therapy, dyadic supervision, dyadic role plays, and learning experiences built around two individuals help practitioners not only learn couples therapy intellectually, but also have the experiential component of relational engagement.  We believe this component is vital to becoming a competent relational therapist.
      2. Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) is an electronically delivered system which solicits feedback and tracks outcome in each therapy session.  FIT has been shown to increase outcomes of associate level clinicians by up to 4 times. The accountability of FIT helps Fellows ensure they are providing the highest level of care possible.  
      3. We believe that different couples modalities and theories work for different personalities and different clients.  While we will give you concrete theory and skills to become a competent couples therapist – we strongly encourage all of our therapists to actively develop a couples therapy engagement style that works for their own particular set of values, temperament, and skills.  
  5. Download this document for the “Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Do this Post Grad Fellowship 2019 Version v2.”
  6. Training Modalities
    • Supervision will occur in individual, group, and dyadic formats
    • Fellows will be given specific tasks for the assessment and therapy phases of couples therapy.  
    • Workshops taught by clinical staff aimed at issues related to relational therapy will be a major part of the curriculum.
    • Live supervision allows Fellows’ supervisors to give direct feedback on actual cases.  
    • In the first month of the Fellowship RTC is hosting training by Brent Atkinson.  Each fellow will have the opportunity to be trained directly by one of the greatest minds in the field of couples therapy!
    • Every month, the Fellows, and other RTC members attend Topic Tuesdays. Learn more about Topic Tuesdays here.
  7. Core Tasks of the Fellowship
  8. Expectation of Fellows
    • Fellows are expected to attend all training modalities.  
    • Fellows are expected to seek mastery in couples therapy by staying current with the syllabus and seeking out further supplemental materials.
    • Fellows are expected to work when couples are available.  This translates into 4 after hours blocks per week. An after hour block is defined as 4-9pm for weekdays and any 5 hour block on weekends.  
    • Fellows are expected to engage in role plays facilitated by the clinical staff.
    • After the initial training period, Fellows are expected to maintain 25 clinical contact hours.
    • Fellows are expected to be open to understanding their own relational tendencies and the etiology of those tendencies (be open to self-of the therapist).  
    • Fellows are expected to read and be proficient with assigned materials prior to the beginning of the Fellowship.  
  9. Fellow Stipend, Leave, and Benefits
    • The RELAtionship Therapy Center’s Post Graduate Fellowship in Couples Therapy (RELATE-CORE) is a full-time paid 2 year position.   
    • We offer a competitive compensation package.  Total compensation (including all benefits) adds up to $53,000-$61,000 per year (before incentives). Download this PDF of the 2019 Fellowship Compensation Package.  There are also options for 30 month and 3 year contracts at a higher compensation level.    
    • 50% of health insurance premiums are covered. 
    • Incentives are available for additional client contact hours.  
    • RTC provides liability and malpractice insurance.  
    • A major benefit of the Fellowship is the attainment of all clinical supervision hours and client contact hours necessary for Minnesota licensure as an LMFT.
    • RTC provides for 2 weeks of paid leave per year.   
    • RTC offers a profit sharing plan in which we match up to 3% of your salary to a SIMPLE IRA.  
  10. Qualifications of Applicants
    • Minimum Qualifications:
      1. The completion of a Master’s or PhD degree in Marriage & Family Therapy by October 31, 2019 from an accredited institution.  
      2. An ability to commit to the entire 2 year Fellowship
      3. An honest and sincere respect for relationships and a commitment to providing the best care possible.  
    • Additional Preferred Qualifications (not mandatory)
      1. Training in couples therapy
      2. Experience with couples
      3. Sex therapy training
      4. Sex therapy education
      5. Knowledge of specific trauma models
  11. Application Procedures and Deadlines
    • Watch the video above and create your own video to answer the questions at the end of our video.  You can upload the video to youtube and send the link to mncouplescounseling@gmail.com along with your resume or curriculum vitae.  Please also send an answer to the following questions:  
      1. What hours/days would you like to work?
      2. Tell us about work/life balance and where you are on that spectrum?  
      3. Are you someone that will ask others as you are figuring something out or do it on your own?
      4. Scenario – we messed up and scheduled you 8 clients in a row with no breaks.  What would you do?
      5. If you were offered this fellowship – what would be your biggest hesitations in taking the position?
      6. What other opportunities are you looking at?
      7. What is your 10 year plan (where do you hope to be and what do you hope to be doing)?
    • The deadline for all applications is April 1st, 2019.  
    • We will notify you by April 5th if you’ve been selected for the Interview Day.  
    • Interview day will be May 1st from 8:30am-3:30pm with lunch provided.  
    • All applicants will be notified by the week of May 20th, 2019.
    • For all accepted fellows – there  will be a welcoming/informational session on the afternoon/evening of July 21st, 2019.
  12. Clinical Training Staff
    • Jebediah J. Sawyer – Jeb was the first Gottman Certified Therapist in Minnesota and he is the only Certified Feedback Informed Treatment Trainer in Minnesota.  Jeb has extensive training in couples therapy – including specialized training with Susan Johnson, Michael White, Daniel Wile, Brent Atkinson, and several other prominent therapists.  He also specializes in trauma treatment through EMDR and Pia Mellody’s trauma specific therapy. Jeb is the Co-Founder of the Relationship Therapy Center and the Co-Creator of Intensive Couples Counseling – a proprietary program designed to get couples moving and help couples traditional couples therapy can not. Jeb’s style in supervision is to give a comprehensive understanding of what will be covered and then use a clear, and systematic approach to help you know where we’re going and why. Jeb lays out the roadmap and helps everything make sense.
    • Theresa M. Benoit – Like Jeb, Theresa has extensive training in couples therapy – including specialized training with Susan Johnson, Michael White, Daniel Wile, Brent Atkinson, and several other prominent therapists.  She also specializes in trauma treatment through EMDR. She also is the Co-Founder of the Relationship Therapy Center and the Co-Creator of Intensive Couples Counseling. Her style in supervision is focused on deliberate practice, infused with laughter and group support– helping you practice and perfect each step with a sense of humor.
    • Erica Falconer- Erica has been a Supervisor for a number of years and has a lot to offer. In addition to tons of couples therapy experience, Erica is fully trained in Post Induction Therapy, which is a trauma model we use a lot around here. She regularly runs Women’s Intensives using this model and the clients that attend report that it is life changing. Erica also worked at an Eating Disorder Clinic prior to RTC, so she will well versed in topics like body image and eating disorders. Erica’s style is supportive, encouraging, and resourceful (she has TONS of resources to offer you).