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Affair Group

Has there been infidelity in your relationship?

The Relationship Therapy Center is offering two 6-week therapy groups- one for Men and one for Women- to help support and guide you and provide extra support during this time. Whether it was recent or a while ago, navigating all the emotions involved after an affair can be complicated and getting support is critical. Watch the video below to meet the facilitator and learn more about the group. Get details about the next upcoming Women’s Affair group and Men’s Affair groups below. Call 612-787-2832 to register.

Affair Group

Only people that have experienced this can truly understand what you are going through, which is the power of this Affair Group. This 6-week therapy group will help support and guide you through this confusing time, whether you will be staying in the relationship or not.

FACILITATOR: Carol Hoopman, MA


  • Women’s Affair group: Monday nights 7:30-9PM
  • Men’s Affair group: Thursday nights 7:30-9PM

Call for start date information.

WHERE: Virtual

COST: $300 for all 6 sessions; $100 deposit required

REGISTRATION: Call 612-787-2832 for more information or to sign up. Admission is dependent on availability and group fit.


“Positive experience, full of learning, connecting with others, and healing.”
“I think she (Amanda) gave everyone comfort and hope.”
“I liked her facilitation, topics she chose to have us discuss, and she gave us good feedback.”
“I think Amanda does an amazing job facilitating a group around a very emotional and difficult topic. We have a varied bunch of women at varying places in their healing journey. She is able to offer feedback where appropriate, guide the group, provide a framework/structure to the conversation when it goes off on tangents and ensures everyone has the time to share.”
“Amanda is very warm , understanding and always has great information to share with us all!”
“I like Amanda and find her comments and recommendations to be pertinent and useful.”
“Amanda did a fantastic job guiding us through each session/check-in. She was able to provide both general information that spoke to us as a group as well as share her insights for us individually following our weekly check-ins. With such emotion flooding the room, her calm presence and thoughtful and sensitive ability to handle transitions allowed me to feel heard and respected the time for the others.”

FAQs about the Group:

Click [+] to the right to see the full answer to the frequently asked questions:

How many people are there in the group?
Between 4-7 members, plus the therapist
What is the group structure?
Each group is 1.5 hours long, typically once a week for 6 weeks. Each group begins with a brief check-in, and then a topic is presented and discussed.
What topics are covered in the group?
The group decides this, but typical topics are Trust, Boundaries, Shame, Feelings, and Self-care.
Who is the group facilitator?
Carol Hoopman, MA- she is a therapist at RTC who specializes in affairs and betrayals and brings a lot to the group. She’s great with structure and helping group members share the time equally.
Will there be men and women together in the group?
No. There is a men’s group and a women’s group. They are separate.
Will I be in this group with my partner/spouse?
No. In the future we might provide a group like that, but this particular group is done individually.
How is confidentiality maintained?
We only use first names and do not reveal personal identification information. We discuss confidentiality and make an oath of confidentiality (it’s okay to share personal experiences of the group, but not to share other people’s experiences). Group members take the rules very seriously and there has never been an issue of this nature. That said, in a group setting we cannot guarantee confidentiality.
Where does the group meet?
Virtually via Video Conferencing.
What does the group cost?
$300 for the entire 6 sessions

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