Todd Faehner, MA

When we first heard Todd’s voice – a sense of calm and peacefulness came over us.  It was almost an out of body experience.  There is absolutely no way to describe his presence in mere words.  The only way to comprehend his impact is to be in the same room and imbibe the warm sense of safety he exudes for yourself.  We know this sounds flowery – but trust us – it’s an understatement. 

However, this calm and compassionate exterior belies a tenacious belief.  Todd believes his clients must and will change.  While he accepts his clients, he doesn’t accept their lives must be filled with meaningless pain and suffering.  In fact – that’s a non-negotiable for him.  He cares too much for his clients to stay stuck.  He cares too much to allow them to flounder.  He cares about his clients in a way that says “I’m all in, no matter what, let’s make this the relationship you want, need, and deserve.”  The faith he has in his clients is his secret sauce.  And we love that about him. 

Todd is dedicated to seeing his clients when they’re available – so he works on weekends and during the evenings.