James Olson, MA

James is a combination of your favorite camp counselor and your wisened grandfather.  His joy for life is contagious and only surpassed by his zeal for understanding and making every relationship better.  We find it remarkable how many people leave James’ office with a smile on their face.  He’s somehow able to disentangle complex relationship knots and get clients to see the possibility of how their connection to others can be life-changing.  And ultimately that is his specialty – changing lives through better relationships.

James uses their experience working with addiction, infidelity, sex/intimacy, and relationship ruptures, as the foundation of these changes. He believes that each person has their own story that shapes their current experience. He prioritizes safety in the therapy room to ensure that every unique story has a home.  This safety creates a space where clients can feel accepted and understood, no matter what. James inspires us all to be better people and we are thankful for that gift. 

James works evenings and weekends because they strongly believe that day-to-day scheduling conflicts shouldn’t get in the way of your healing.