Hailey Sonstegard, MA

Hailey is just the kind of person that you want on your side if you’re dealing with relationship challenges. She’s fantastic for individuals that want to sort things out, premarital couples that want to set themselves up for success, and couples who have been in a rut for a long time and need a jump-start.

There’s something we can’t quite put our finger on about Hailey.  We’re not sure if it’s her simple and refreshing straightforwardness, or the way that we come away feeling both accepted as we are and motivated to be better.  Whatever that thing is – it’s lead to Hailey being very popular among the clients at RTC as she uses this gift to transform difficult situations into opportunities for intimacy. Her clients summarize her as “empathic, humorous, and kind”.  We were initially deceived by Hailey’s youthful appearance, but after mere minutes with her, we realized that we need not be concerned: she has the passion, vision, and wisdom of our most advanced clinicians. 

Hailey wants to make sure that her clients’ therapy experience is uniquely tailored to fit their busy lives, and so she is available to see clients in the evenings.