Breana Foley, MS, LAMFT

Bre is the embodiment of passion and everything that is good about couples therapy.  We have never met anyone who can hold a candle to how much pure raw enthusiasm Bre brings to her couples and the couples therapy field.  She is voracious when it comes to getting to know and understand their struggles.  Nothing, I tell you, nothing will stand in her way.  We love that about her.

Bre’s deep well of knowledge about spirituality and sexuality gives her the ability to see struggles from a larger holistic, mind-body perspective.  This perspective gives her the vantage point to see solutions the rest of wouldn’t dream of.  When you combine that perspective with her incredible knack for creativity – her clients report they see and act in ways they could only imagine.  Whatever your struggle is, no matter the complexity – Bre would love to be your guide. Bre has a particular passion for working with adults and children with disabilities or other health concerns, as well as their families.

Bre works evenings and weekends (as well as some daytimes) so that you can come to therapy when it works for you.