Amanda Tapper, MA, LAMFT

She is an inspiration. Describing Amanda in words on a webpage is woefully inadequate. Her presence brings even the most insane situations to their knees. She is a human paradox.

Her presence is both light and commanding. Her words are forceful yet compassionate. She instigates problems while solving them. Her whispers reverberate in her clients’ ears for years to come. She is a force of nature (the good nature – not the tornado or tsunami or flash flood or world coming to an end type of nature – the birds singing in your backyard type of nature).

Amanda will go the extra mile for her clients– seeing them in the evenings, knowing that availability is critical to making progress. Lastly, even though she just loves her work with couples, she has a special passion and particular interest for working with First-Responder Couples as she understands the complexities and nuances that compose these unique relationships.