Allison Rose, MA, LMFT

When we want to be understood – Alli is our clear choice.  She has an incredible ability to make sense of the most difficult situations while also transforming those difficulties into opportunities for intimacy and connection.  She’s able to accomplish this through an unassuming style that puts her clients at ease, while also challenging all of us to be the best partner we can be.

We always say that couples therapists shouldn’t take sides.  Alli shreds this norm.  Somehow, she takes both partners’ side.  There’s a magical balance she holds in validating and caring about both partners at the same time.  This quality she embodies is so critical to successful couples therapy – that she is one of the therapists we spend the most time trying to figure out and dissect her approach.  Unfortunately, like so many things Alli does, this natural ability is simply part of her DNA.  It reflects her basic worldview that we all deserve understanding, care, and a chance at love.