Team Group: Owners and Admin

Annie Bowsher


Annie lends her considerable organizational skills and attention to detail to our billing department, making sure that insurance claims are submitted and client payments go smoothly. She also makes sure that our clients have as much information as possible about their insurance coverage, saving a lot of headaches in the process. We’re not sure how she juggles such important tasks with such skill, but her dedication, focus, and can-do attitude make her a reliable and valuable member of our admin team! 

Lara Berenberg

Lara’s ability to help clients find a therapist and modality which can best help them is the stuff of legends. She has the ability to decipher clients’ needs and desires like no one we’ve seen before. Lara is an outspoken proponent of RTC’s Intensive Couples Counseling (ICC) Program.

Her goal is to set clients up for success – and if she feels like ICC will give you the best shot to save your relationship – she will give you the hard sell. Not because she’s salesy – but because she absolutely refuses to set clients up for failure. Your success is her mission. Call her today.