Team Group: Couples Therapists

Hailey Sonstegard, MA

Hailey is just the kind of person that you want on your side if you’re dealing with relationship challenges. She’s fantastic for individuals that want to sort things out, premarital couples that want to set themselves up for success, and couples who have been in a rut for a long time and need a jump-start.

There’s something we can’t quite put our finger on about Hailey.  We’re not sure if it’s her simple and refreshing straightforwardness, or the way that we come away feeling both accepted as we are and motivated to be better.  Whatever that thing is – it’s lead to Hailey being very popular among the clients at RTC as she uses this gift to transform difficult situations into opportunities for intimacy. Her clients summarize her as “empathic, humorous, and kind”.  We were initially deceived by Hailey’s youthful appearance, but after mere minutes with her, we realized that we need not be concerned: she has the passion, vision, and wisdom of our most advanced clinicians. 

Hailey wants to make sure that her clients’ therapy experience is uniquely tailored to fit their busy lives, and so she is available to see clients in the evenings.

Nathan Miller, MA, CRC

Nathan has the unique ability to understand his clients and their relationships at a level we rarely encounter.  Somehow, he’s able to distill the most complex entanglements into language that is clear and relatable.  But Nathan is never satisfied with mere understanding – he knows that therapy is only valuable when relationships are transformed and his clients are actually living the lives they have always hoped for. Nathan’s toolbox for getting his clients into action is impressive and constantly evolving.  When Nathan sees one of his clients stuck, he will go to the ends of the earth to find that one thing that will transform their world and their relationship.  He refuses to accept anything less and in so doing, inspires us to do things we thought were impossible. 

Nathan loves helping his clients find their voice.  This focus is why he is passionate about working with those who have felt silenced and marginalized, particularly those with disabilities and with members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Kristi Murchie, MA

In the history of RTC there’s no one that we’ve ever pursued with the tenacity and vigor as we’ve pursued Kristi.  We’ve never had a therapist who left us speechless from our first interaction.  It was clear to us that she had something transformational to offer our field.  After hours and hours of examination, we came to the conclusion that Kristi understands what love truly is.  Not love in the fluffy bad movie sense, but love in the ‘I’m here, I’ll do everything I can, and we will make this work’ way.  Love in the sense that failure is not an option.  Love in the sense of how much pure genuine acceptance can transform who you are and what you believe about the world. 

Ultimately, it’s impossible to express what it’s like to be in Kristi’s care.  But we can say, unequivocally, that it’s a very rare experience in this world that brings out the best in each and every one of us.  

Rachel Klein, MA

Rachel is the hardest working person we know.  She devotes every fiber of her being into helping her clients find the connection they’ve lost.  We’ve never seen anything quite like it.  When she sets her mind to helping people – things happen that we can’t quite explain.  She takes impossible situations and transforms them with grace and ease.  When we mine deeper for understanding of her methods it becomes clear.  The recipe for Rachel’s secret sauce is first laying a base of love and compassion and adding in heaps of unwavering belief in her clients’ ability to heal and live a connected and loving life.  Her hard work and dedication are simply the activating agent. 

When we first met Rachel, we wondered how this drive and commitment to her clients’ well-being might be sustainable.  We understand now that her humor and levity make it possible for her to keep that edge of driving her clients and also helping them to feel valued and cared for. 

If you’re tired of disconnection and strife and want to get moving – you’ve found a great fit in Rachel. 

Trisha Witmer, MA

Trisha is our resident wise sage.  There are many mysteries which surround her.  Like, how does she get clients to feel so understood and make such incredible movement?  How does she see through all of the superficial problems and chaos to reveal the loving connection underneath?  How is she able to be so straightforward and forthright and still maintain her clients’ affection? 

After endless hours of inquiry – we finally understand at least part of these mysteries.  The answer is surprisingly simple.  Trisha believes in the dignity of every human being.  She believes that we all have a potential that we’re evolving to and that each of us deserve to be loved and cared for.  There is something about that quiet belief that has Trisha refusing to accept anything but the best possible outcomes for her clients. If you’re fortunate enough to see Trisha – you’ll understand why wisdom and belief are such critical factors in relationship transformation.

Trisha sees clients when they can actually come to therapy– so she has both daytime and evening appointments available.