Groups and Workshops

Sometimes individual issues get in the way of making progress in couples therapy, and doing some intense personal work can really help make movement. This is why we offer Affair Groups, and Men’s and Women’s Intensives.

Affair Group

Has there been infidelity in your relationship? The Relationship Therapy Center is offering two 6-week therapy groups- one for Men and one for Women- to help support and guide you and provide extra support during this time. Whether it was recent or a while ago, navigating all the emotions involved after an affair can be complicated and getting support is critical. Watch the video below to meet the facilitator and learn more about the group. Get details about the next upcoming Women’s Affair group and Men’s Affair groups below. Call 612-787-2832 to register. 

Women’s Workshops

Learn to be a better partner by healing the blocks from your past

This workshop will help educate clients on how they internalize messages from their childhood while assessing and unpacking these messages and how they impact clients now.  This workshop will assist them in gaining new skills to foster connections in their lives and find more fulfillment

Women's Support Group