Category: FAQ

My insurance says they won’t cover couples therapy. Is there anything I can do?

Make sure you are asking about billing codes 90837 and 90847, since these are the most common codes that we use during a course of couples therapy. Often these benefits are listed as “family therapy” or “conjoint therapy” by your insurance plan. Some insurance plans do not offer family therapy benefits. Many insurance companies also require a mental health diagnosis in order to be able to bill your sessions to your insurance. You can discuss any concerns that you have about this with your therapist.

Questions about your coverage at our clinic that your insurance isn’t able to answer? Call our billing department and we’ll look into your benefits for you: 612-564-5360.

Is there anything I should bring when I come in?

Yes! Please bring in your completed paperwork (that was emailed to you), your insurance card if you wish to use insurance, and a driver’s license or other photo ID if you have one. If you were never emailed the paperwork, please contact the Client Ambassador at 612-787-2832 to request it.

I have kids and it’s hard to find childcare. Can I bring them to my session?

Maybe. It depends on how old they are and how they might behave in the waiting room. If you have a newborn that can sleep while you’re talking to your therapist or kids that are old enough to read or play on an electronic device very quietly in the waiting room, feel free to bring them along. Feel free to ask your therapists about this. If your kids require a lot of attention, finding childcare will be a better option. If you think they may need therapy as well, you could consider having them see a Child Therapist as you attend your own session. Ask the Client Ambassador about this option at 612-787-2832

How long will therapy take?

This is one of our most common questions and probably the hardest to answer. If you’re coming in soon after a relatively minor difficulty in your marriage – it may only take one session. However, research shows that most couples come into therapy 6 ½ years after the onset of severe conflict. If that’s the case for you – then this is going to be a much longer process – anywhere from 4 months and up. Your long term success is critical to us and we are very proud that for the year 2015, 75% of our clients achieved their goals. To learn more about our results, go to: Our Success Rates.

How often will I come to therapy?

For individual therapy, the most typical answer to this question is once a week. For couples therapy, the answer is usually 2-4 hours a week (a combination of meeting together and separately) in the first couple months, and then reduced significantly as progress is made. We want to make a difference, and we know that we need you to be invested in order to change patterns in your relationship. Sometimes schedules or insurance limit options, which then will also impact results. For couples with very minor problems, or couples with very severe problems a less or more intense format will be recommended.