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What is Telehealth and how does it work at RTC?

Telehealth is a convenient, easy way for you to safely get the mental healthcare you need. It is ideal for clients who have schedules or medical circumstances that make it difficult to come to in-office appointments, who are located in geographical areas with less reliable access to quality mental healthcare providers, or who don’t want to spend their time commuting to an office. It also allows you to maintain continuity of care by not needing to cancel an appointment due to bad weather, physical illness, lack of childcare, or other situations that might make it difficult for you to make it to an in-office appointment. Studies have shown that Telehealth therapy delivers the same effective care as in-office visits.

We use a secure, HIPAA-compliant version of the Google Meets platform for holding your sessions via video. You do not need a Google account to access this platform. Your therapist will send you their unique Telehealth link prior to your session.

For a successful Telehealth therapy session, we recommend selecting a place where you can ensure maximum privacy, and using a private, secure internet connection. Ideally, you will use a computer or mobile device with a camera and a microphone. We recommend joining your session a few minutes early to account for any technical issues, and having your phone nearby so that your therapist can communicate with you in case of technical difficulties during your session.

Please note that therapists at the Relationship Therapy Center are only able to provide Telehealth therapy services to Minnesota residents. If you have any questions about Telehealth therapy, please contact our Client Ambassador at 612-787-2832 or 

How is an Intensive Program different from regular therapy?

Our Intensive Program is designed for couples who want or need to make progress right now. It’s usually done in 3 blocks of time which facilitates quicker progress than we see with weekly therapy. Our intensive program is not currently covered by insurance. However, the service is reimbursed through most health savings accounts. Please see our Intensive Couples Counseling page for more details.

How is your couples therapy different from therapy somewhere else?

We have more therapists specializing in couples therapy than any other clinic in Minnesota. This gives you the best chance of finding the best fit for your needs. Additionally, we have a comprehensive team of individual, couples, and child therapists. We offer sex therapy, Intensive Couples Counseling, Make-it-or-Break-it Counseling, and couples therapy for one. Click on the Programs tab to learn more about these services.

Additionally – unlike any other clinic in Minnesota – we actively use the latest cutting edge methods to track your progress. We can say with confidence that our therapy works. Check out our results on our Success Rates page.

How much does an Intensive Program cost?

Full Intensive Couples Counseling (ICC) programs cost $4,200.00 per couple. 

ICC programs are not covered by insurance, but if you have an HSA or FSA through your insurance plan, you will be able to pay for your program with HSA funds. Otherwise, we take checks and all major credit cards.

See our Intensive Couples Counseling page for more details about our intensive program.

Do you take my insurance?

We are in-network with most Blue Cross, Health Partners, & Cigna as well as some Preferred One & Aetna plans. But you will want to call your insurance and ask if you have Mental Health Benefits in an Office Setting to insure you have the proper coverage. Be sure to ask if you have a deductible and what your copay or coinsurance is. We are also happy to call your insurance for you. Just call 612-787-2832 and give us your full name, phone number, date of birth, insurance ID, & the insurance phone number on the back of the card. For more information, go to our Rates & Insurance page.