How do I know if this therapist is a good fit?

We are very selective in choosing the therapists who contract with us. They are all well trained and your success is their primary concern. Each therapist has a different personality and some have different specialties. Ask yourself these three critical questions:

  • Do I feel comfortable talking with my therapist?
  • Do they seem genuine and caring?
  • Do they seem competent to work with the issues I’m struggling with?

Usually within the first session you’ll be able to tell if you ‘click’. If you’re thinking your therapist isn’t a good fit, please call our client ambassador at 612-787-2832 to try a different therapist. We strive to match you successfully from the beginning, but we know we don’t get it right every time. If we didn’t succeed the first time – please give us another chance to find you a better fit. Within 5 sessions you should be seeing progress. If you’re not seeing any progress, please talk to your therapist and/or call us at 612-787-2832.